Who is the president of China? What is the official “Chinese Dream” of the Communist Party of China? Perhaps Xi Jinping understands what is going on in America more than we do!

Can you read this?

Can you read this?

One year ago today, on November 15, 2012, Xi Jinping was elected to the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission by the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, making him the top-ranked leader of the Communist Party of China.

XI immediately called for economic reforms and a strong military.

He then launched a series of speeches referring to “The China dream.” “This dream can be said to be the dream of a strong nation. And for the military, it is a dream of a strong military,” Xi Jinping, December 2012.

Then in a move widely seen as completing his formal transition of power, Xi was elected President of the People’s Republic of China on March 14, 2013, in a confirmation vote by the 12th National People’s Congress in Beijing.

Xi received 2,952 votes with only one vote against him, along with three abstentions.

Although the Chinese presidency is officially a ceremonial post, in recent years it has become customary for the general secretary to assume the presidency as confirmation of his rise to power.

In his new capacity as President, Xi expressed support for noninterference in China–Sri Lanka relations amid a United Nations Security Council vote to condemn that country over government abuses during the Sri Lankan Civil War.

Within hours of his election, Xi discussed cyber security and North Korea with U.S. President Barack Obama over the phone, who announced the visits of Treasury and State secretaries Jacob Lew and John F. Kerry to China the following week.

The Chinese Dream

Looking for a slogan to encapsulate his viewpoint, Xi has adopted the phrase mentioned above he calls his “China Dream.”

Can you read this?

Live the Dream

The above Pinyin and Chinese characters stand for “Live the Dream” in our English language.

President Xi Jinping uses this “Chinese Dream” to describe the aspiration of individual self-improvement in Chinese society.

Although the phrase has been used previously by journalists and scholars, a translation of a New York Times article written by the American journalist Thomas Friedman, “China Needs Its Own Dream”, has been credited with popularizing the concept in China.

In May of 2013, Xi Jinping called upon young Chinese “to dare to dream, work assiduously to fulfill the dreams and contribute to the revitalization of the nation.”

He has called upon all levels of the Party and the Chinese government to facilitate favorable conditions for their career development.

Xi told young people to “cherish the glorious youth, strive with pioneer spirit and contribute their wisdom and energy to the realization of the Chinese dream.”

Document No. 9

Document No. 9 is a confidential internal Chinese government document from July of 2012 widely circulated within the Communist Party of China this year by the General Office of the Communist Party of China.

The document warns of dangerous Western values, allegedly including media freedom and judicial independence.

With respect to education, coverage of these topics in China are forbidden:

  1. Western constitutional democracy
  2. Universal values of human rights
  3.  Western conceptions of

    a. Media independence

    b. Civil society

  4. Pro-market neo-liberalism
  5. “Nihilist” criticisms of past errors of the party.

The American Dream?

With our own apparent lack of fair media coverage in regards to politics, the politicizing of our own judicial system, a move towards an ‘evolving’ constitution, a decrease in our own rights of privacy and liberty, increasingly violent attacks that are dividing our society, an anti-free-market liberal attack on our economy, the re-writing of factual history as well as a more progressive educational system, all have led to an ever decreasing understanding of our “American Dream.”

Perhaps Xi Jinping and his “China Dream” is coming true simply by watching what we are doing to ourselves, a nation that has lost its values and its way.

A nation no longer “One nation, under God!”

 Now WE know em

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”


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