The instigator of Bacon’s Rebellion was born today in 1647. Now We know em


Nathaniel Bacon (January 2, 1647 – October 26, 1676) was a colonist of the Virginia Colony.

Nathaniel Bacon and a group of so-called “freeholders” on the Virginia frontier demanded that Native Americans living on treaty-protected lands be driven out or killed.

Later they raided a Native American settlement and killed some thirty natives.

Then they surrounded and attacked a fortified Susquehannock village, killing the chiefs.

The Susquehannocks retaliated in force, attacking plantations and killing 60 settlers.

On July 30, 1676, Nathaniel Bacon and his makeshift army issued a Declaration of the People of Virginia instigating what history refers to as Bacon’s Rebellion.

Bacon mustered a force of 400-500 men and attacked the Doeg and Pamunkey Native tribes.

The rebellion collapsed when Nathaniel Bacon died from dysentery.

Now WE know em


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